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Amálka is our first sheep. She was supposed to end up on a plate like most sheep of her kind. She and her friend were taken for fattening and autumn killing. Fortunately, as usual, a family member who liked the sheep and could not have them killed, let alone eat them contacted us. It took a little more work for several weeks of persuasion, but in the end we were able to save Amálka as well.

Amálka is a calm sheep, she doesn't seek stroking but doesn't mind it at all. I also don't want anyone to touch me anyway :D. But she responds to her name, and doesn't mind people.


Poginka was saved mainly for Amálka, so that she would not be alone. Amálka really missed a sheep. One man contacted me with the info that he has a sheep, he doesn't want her, and can offer her to us. There was a butcher ready for her on Saturday - it was Thursday and I was in Brno. One day to save her. He later told me that he wanted CZK 1,000 for her. I told him that we can't pay for animals, but he said that he definitely won't give it to us for free! The gentleman told me ... that he would kill her. Well, no, I already know about her, it wouldn't work. The next day we rode for Amálka to the Polish border 4 hours from Brno and 3 hours to Louka. Well, an exhausting trip. But Poginka is at home, she is ours, she is safe.

They fell in love with Amálka right away. They're still together now. Happy and free sheep.



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