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Donkey Karel

Donkey Karel, our first bigger animal. We all knew Donkey Kája from Farma Naděje, where he stayed and thanks to Tomáš he got there in the first place. 
When we left the farm, Karlík had no livelihood, he is a natural savage and explorer. 
Therefore he began to provoke other and smaller animals, out of boredom and from his natural donkey nature, 
but his behavior endangered the health of elderly or sick animals, so we couldn't let it go. 
We decided to accept Karlík to our place. Tomas was very happy and I believe that Kája as well 🙂 
We go for walks with him every day, he still has Louka for himself and someone is still fooling around with him. 
Even so, Kája lacks an animal partner, which is why Kája is looking for a friend of his, a donkey would be best of course!

Horsie Zorka

Karlíček is no longer alone in the corral 🥳 New creature on the Meadow Zorka 💚 
Well where to start. Karlíček simply longed for company, even though we paid attention to him, it wasn't that. 
When he was alone in the enclosure, he longed. That's why we've been looking for a partner for almost 3 months, Karel's equal - at least the same size
Well, nothing ... we wanted to offer the home to a distressed animal that needed help to reconcile the meaning of asylum.
We searched up and down together ... and nothing, neither a pony nor a donkey. 
But then Romča contacted us, with her horse Zorka, who is looking for a home. 
Zorka is a healthy, nice, nimble, reponding and perceptive lady, exactly what Karel needs, to teach humility and respect 🙂 
Only other horses can teach him that. Zorka has a long story behind her, which I will not list completely here. 
Before Romka's parents bought Zorka, the landowner had it, 
who went to the pub on Zorka and educated her with a shovel ...
After many years, as an adult, Romča got back to Zorka and could redeem her, even though she could not ride her, 
she wanted her back and provide her home without further use. This is where Zorke started moving frequently, disagreements with people, disappointments, lies ... as it is in life. In the last family where Zorka was housed, the relationships did not turn out well in the end ...
Zorka just had to go ... again.  I went to see her for almost 300 km and I knew that Zorka was ours. 
Karel will finally not be alone. Well, Zorka is here, perhaps already permanently, without changing place, transport, 
here at last it will perhaps be her real home. Zorka can live with us and help me with the education of Carlos 😄

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Donkey Karel

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